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News   April 10, 2006   by Auto Service World

Hybrid drivers anger the HOV crowd

A story in the Los Angeles Times has reported that some Californians are having regrets over the issuing of some 50,000 High Occupancy Vehicle permits, to the solo drivers of hybrid vehicles.
The program was initially an attempt to encourage drivers to choose more eco-friendly methods of transportation, but is now said to be under review.
According to the report, regular carpool lane users are getting annoyed that Hybrid drivers are moving too slowly, in an attempt to save more on fuel costs.
One hybrid driver cited in the feature claimed he feels as though other drivers think he is trying to make some sort of political statement with his vehicle, and that his driving speed would not have come up, if he were driving a Mercedes.
A similar debate is underway in Virginia, where hybrid drivers are already forced to have at least three people in the car, before they have the right to use the special lanes during peak hours.

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