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News   June 24, 2002   by Auto Service World

High Speed Wireless Platform Could Speed Vehicle Information Access

A wireless network that can deliver digital files quickly to vehicles travelling at highway speeds may pave the road for increased in-vehicle Internet use.
Delphi Corp. is developing technology to deliver real-time Internet and digital information to vehicles, using a wireless network being developed by Mesh Networks.
“Consumers are demanding more entertainment and information options in the vehicle and Delphi is satisfying that demand with the latest in in-vehicle communications,” said Robert W. Schumacher, general director of Delphi’s Mobile MultiMedia business unit.
Delphi’s streaming entertainment technology provides real-time digital information to moving vehicles via a broadband wireless connection. Data is moved over a peer-to-peer network that consists of access points and wireless data repeaters. Information is transferred at speeds up to 6 megabits per second.
The network allows vehicle passengers on-demand access to a variety of entertainment options offered by the Internet, including personalized MP3 music files, video programs, Web cameras and audio from up to 4,500 radio stations. The system also allows users to play head-to-head games over the Internet.
On-demand access to files such as digital music and home movies stored on a home media server or personal computer brings another dimension to in-vehicle entertainment.
According to Schumacher, the key to this technology is that there is no need for a hard drive or a personal computer in the vehicle to access the information. Also, the system works with the vehicles existing audio and rear-seat video systems, making integration simple.

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