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News   October 28, 2011   by Auto Service World

Hardware Innovation Reduces Brake Drag

Nucap Industries Inc. has announced its latest solution to improve brake performance, a brake hardware offering designed to reduce brake drag on many of the most popular vehicles.

Brake drag is a common issue where the brake pads do not fully retract from the rotor during off-braking periods. The unwanted brake drag creates unnecessary rolling resistance, heat and noise.
The Nucap DRT (Drag Reduction Technology) employees enhanced OE brake drag reduction designs, which are only available on select applications, to an expanded range of vehicles. Using a patent pending hardware design, Nucap DRT assist the brake pads to move away from the rotors during off-braking periods, while having no impact on the vehicles braking performance during braking periods. Independent testing has shown that Nucap DRT can reduce brake drag by more than 70%.
Ray Arbesman, chairman and CEO, said, “Reducing brake drag is a critical issue at the OE level to enhance vehicle fuel mileage as a result of the increased CAFE regulations. DRT is a cost effective, easy-to-install product that will enhance fuel mileage, extend brake pad life, reduce brake noise and improve performance for millions of vehicles currently on the road.”
The DRT design ensures simple installation, as the hardware simply clips into place during a brake service using the vehicles existing brake pad and caliper configuration.
For more information visit Nucap at AAPEX booth 6023 or at

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