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News   April 28, 2009   by Auto Service World

Green Earth Technologies Signs Distribution Deal with Sustainable Earth Products International, Ltd.

Green Earth Technologies, a leading manufacturer and marketer of “green” environmentally safe consumer packaged goods and products, announced today a distribution deal with Sustainable Earth Products International, Ltd., of Hamilton, Ont.  Under the agreement, SEPI will be the master distributors of the full line of “G”-Branded products to Canada and certain Caribbean islands. SEPI are experts in the sale and distribution of consumer products with emphasis on green product offerings.

“We are delighted to sign a deal with SEPI and offer GET’s environmentally friendly products to Canadian and Caribbean consumers looking for green alternatives without sacrificing performance,” said GET Chairman and CEO, Jeff Marshall. “This agreement is another important step in our process of expanding global distribution to penetrate new markets with GET products.”


The “G”-Branded products which will now be distributed to Canada and the Caribbean are all recyclable, renewable, biodegradable and environmental friendly. These products include G-Oil, the world’s first bio-based motor oil to achieve the API “Donut” for SAE-5W30. Unlike traditional petrochemical-based motor oils from leading manufacturers, Green Earth Technologies’ G-Oil is made with American-grown renewable animal fats.  G-Oil has been available at US retail in 2-Cycle, 4-Cycle and Bar & Chain for Outdoor Power Equipment since May of 2008. 


Made from American-grown plant oils, the “G”-Branded automotive appearance products use plant oils to create 1-4 nanometer sized “micelles” that penetrate dirt, breaking it into billions of little particles that constantly repel each other until eaten by the micro-organisms and bacteria living in the ground. G-Wash Heavy Duty Car Wash and G-Clean Organic Glass Cleaners are among GET’s best selling appearance products to date.