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News   May 28, 2015   by Auto Service World

Free Webinar Training Series for Aftermarket Technicians, Garage Owners

#aftermarket – Delphi Product & Service Solutions has announced the Delphi Training Series, a new instructor-led training webinar series. This free four-course training program is designed to support technicians and garage owners by providing proven techniques and expert advice needed to be successfully in the current aftermarket.

“Cars coming into shops today are equipped with complex electronic systems that require a new level of education for technicians to ensure they can effectively diagnose and resolve issues,” said Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs. “We’ve specially designed these one-hour courses to prepare technicians and garage owners on how to handle some of the most common topics facing the aftermarket today.”

Delphi Training Series Schedule

* June 10: Diagnosing GDI – Gas Direct Injection

* June 29: Increasing Car Count AND Profits – Building Relationships and Selling Preventative Maintenance

* Aug. 12: Promoting and Profiting with Hybrids

* Sept. 9: Reducing OBD II Comebacks with Mode $06

Learn more about Delphi’s training program at 

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