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News   April 17, 2003   by Auto Service World

Federal-Mogul Introduces Cutting Edge Wiper Blade

Federal-Mogul has introduced a wiper blade design that forces water to bead before it wipes it away.
The Anco HydroClear wipers have been developed through extensive research and conducted hand-in-hand with leading Tier One automotive manufacturers. The C-350 synthetic compound used in HydroClear blades “beads” water upon contact and the wipers’ scoop- shaped wiping element then lifts the water from the windshield surface.
According to Federal-Mogul, an independent research laboratory tested the wipe quality of HydroClear versus that of the premium blades offered by every other major blade manufacturer in North America. The results confirmed that HydroClear clears better than any other wiper. Conventional wiper designs, by contrast, typically feature natural-rubber compounds that attract, rather than repel or bead, water upon contact; as a result, the wiper element simply spreads streams of liquid across the windshield, leading to significantly higher likelihood of streaks and/or smears.
“Anco has proven that the only way to deliver a perfect wipe and extended blade life is by perfecting the wiping element itself,” said Jay Burkhart, vice president of marketing, North American aftermarket, Federal-Mogul. “No other wiper blade manufacturer has developed a technology that addresses both the interaction of water with the blade element and the interface of the blade with the windshield surface on today’s vehicles. It’s a ‘perfectly clear’ solution for enhanced driving safety.”
The C-350 formulation utilized in HydroClear blades contains no wax, will not tear or rot due to ozone- or ultraviolet-induced wear, and is formulated to remain flexible under a vast range of temperatures. The wax-based compounds used in many conventional blades can lead to severe streaking or smearing. In addition, many competing wipers can be susceptible to tears and cracks caused by age or ozone contamination; this damage can severely impair wiping performance and cause the blade superstructure to scratch the windshield.
In addition to an exclusive wiping compound and blade-element design, Anco HydroClear wipers feature a stylish low-profile aerodynamic body to ensure tight, consistent contact with all windshields under high-velocity wind conditions. Wind-induced wiper “lift” can cause conventional blades to lose contact with the windshield. Available for a wide range of popular late-model domestic and import models, HydroClear Blades also feature the Anco’s KwikConnect system, which reduces wiper installation and replacement to an easy, click-on/click-off process.

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