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News   November 9, 2010   by Auto Service World

Enerpulse Announces Supply Agreement With Honeywell

Ignition products company Enerpulse, Inc. has announced that the company’s proprietary Pulstar pulse plugs will be manufactured by the Autolite business of Honeywell Consumer Products Group (CPG).
The Pulstar plugs, utilizing innovative energy management, deliver more than one megawatt of ignition power to improve the combustion process in internal combustion spark ignited engines (ICE).
Louis Camilli, president of Enerpulse, commented, “The Honeywell CPG Autolite plant in Mexicali, Mexico was selected from a number of potential suppliers due to their ability to produce the technologically advanced plug in high volume while maintaining our specifications. This was essential in the decision as we expand into the marketplace and further our engagement with automakers.”
Enerpulse specializes in developing environmentally friendly ignition products through the application of pulse power technology. The plugs generate up to 1 million watts of power, resulting in significantly more torque and lower emissions than other spark plugs on the market, says the company.
One of the leading cleantech venture capital firms in the U.S., SAIL Venture Partners, is a lead investor in the company.
“The Pulstar technology is relatively straightforward,” explained Michael Hammons, a SAIL partner. “The real value proposition is that it addresses two types of consumers — eco-conscious consumers who want to lower their emissions and increase fuel efficiency, as well as car enthusiasts who want to achieve optimal performance.This manufacturing announcement with Honeywell signifies a key milestone in Enerpulse’s growth as a company and the market’s confidence in the Pulstar product line.”
Manufacturing of the Pulstar pulse plugs is scheduled to begin in January 2011.

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