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Feature   January 1, 2000   by Auto Service World

Emergency Fuel

Pennzoil Rescue Emergency Fuel Additive is a highly refined fuel additive–an 88 octane gasoline substitute if you will–that can be safely carried in a trunk for up to five years without risk of fire under any normal circumstances. Created from some of the basic elements of gasoline with the more volatile elements removed, the resulting substance is quite stable. So stable in fact that it will not work in a cold engine. When a motorist runs out of gas, the product can be added to the still-hot engine, and will provide enough distance to get most cars to the nearest gas station (the double walled package contains about two liters). The package is also designed cleverly to prevent it from being reused for true gasoline or anything else. Contact: Pennzoil-Quaker State Canada Co., 1101 Blair Road, Burlington, ON L7L 1T3.

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  1. Raymond Gatley says:

    How much per container, and were near Etowah, Tennessee is it available

  2. D.Martin says:

    Anyone know what the shelf life is for this product? I have an unopened bottle that is about 12 yrs old. Will it still be effective, will it do any engine damage, or what is best way to dispose of?

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