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News   May 20, 2003   by Auto Service World

Delphi Expanding Engine and Emissions Testing Capabilities

Delphi Corp. will invest $50 million U.S. over the next six years to upgrade the company’s advanced engine and emission test facilities, company officials said today.
The investment will allow Delphi to improve its Engine Dynamometer Labs (EDL) and Vehicle Emissions Labs (VEL) at eight of the company’s technical centres worldwide. According to the company, upgrades will give Delphi some of the world’s most advanced engine and emission test facilities.
With state-of-the-art test labs, Delphi will ensure global testing consistency, repeatability and accuracy, while having common test procedures, regardless of the test location, or vehicle and fuel type.
Developing and validating the products and systems that comply with the new regulations will be the first priority.
“Being globally consistent and accurate, with integrated and common systems capable of cross-platform analyses, may be an unmatched accomplishment in the industry,” said Lori A. Ostrander, director, engineering operations, Delphi Energy & Chassis Systems. “S-ULEV and EURO V emission regulations raise the compliance bar to new heights, significantly reducing allowable emissions from what they are today. Delphi is investing in our facilities because we view the EDL/VEL upgrade as critical for continued development of the quality products, modules and systems the world’s vehicle manufacturers need for meeting these increasingly stringent requirements.”
Delphi’s leading engine management system and exhaust product portfolios include gasoline and diesel injection systems, air control products, exhaust aftertreatment, fuel handling and emissions, valve train, ignition systems, and controls.
Development of technologies such as Multec gasoline injectors, diesel catalysts and emission systems, variable valve train technologies, and hydrogen enrichment, among others, is accelerated by utilizing Delphi’s state- of-the-art test facilities.
Successful upgrade pilot programs have been completed at Delphi’s Rochester, N.Y., and Bascharage, Luxembourg, technical centres. The global EDL/VEL upgrades will follow this year at other Delphi technical centers located in Flint, Mich.; Piracicaba, Brazil; Tokyo, Japan; Blois, France; and Gillingham and Park Royal in the UK. With one globally common template for EDL/VEL testing, Delphi anticipates supporting its customers through potential workload levelling between markets. It will also allow Delphi to develop components and powertrain management systems to meet future regulatory standards while increasing testing throughput capability and global consistency.

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