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Feature   April 1, 2000   by Auto Service World

COVER STORY: Technical Issues Have Declined, But Still Exist

While virtually all installers have grown comfortable with servicing this market, some customers may still appreciate a hand.

For retail customers, there may be those who need to be warned about the dangers of servicing struts without a proper spring compressor. For others, it may be advising them on the proper, or improper, use of an impact wrench for strut service and some low-friction balljoint installations.

In addition, post-service alignments continue to be problematic for some installers who are not properly equipped. This leads to an unsatisfactory repair and a potentially unhappy customer.

The test drive remains one of the best tools a technician has to determine the cause of a problem noise or steering behavior. Five minutes on the road can save a half an hour or more on the hoist. Make sure your customers know what to look and listen for.

One of the toughest aspects of the job for installers and counterpeople is ensuring that the part ordered fits the application. If ever there were an argument to order by VIN, this is it. Counterpeople shouldn’t hesitate to press for this information and, if there is doubt, contact a rep or tech line. Incorrectly ordered parts are a significant drain on a business and on a reputation.

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