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Feature   August 1, 2000   by Auto Service World

COVER STORY: Quadrasteer

Quadrasteer, developed by Delphi, is a rear-wheel steering system for full-sized light trucks that is indicative of the type of development which is ongoing for light trucks. With the ability to provide up to 15 degrees of steering, the system can literally give a full-sized light truck the turning circle of a compact car, down to about 34 feet. A Honda Civic Coupe’s turning circle is 33 feet.

While final system tuning depends on the vehicle, at low speeds the system turns the rear wheel in the opposite direction of the front, allowing for tighter turning.

At moderate speeds, the wheels remain in the straight-ahead position. At higher speeds, such as on the highway, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front for improved stability, particularly when trailering.

This system is set to debut on a GM full-sized light truck for the 2002 model year.

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