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Feature   November 1, 2001   by Auto Service World

Countertalk For the Counterperson: Counter Tips

Integrated hub units can cost three times as much as separate bearings. Be mindful of this when getting a call for service requiring one:

Avoid the temptation to whistle and say “Wow! That much!” when you see the price. The price is the price; you should act like you’re not surprised, even if you are.

Considering the above, do not give off-the-cuff estimates. You may inadvertently guess low, then shock the customer with the real price (that’s when they’ll say “Wow! That much!”).

Considering the cost of some of these integrated units, it is wise to be careful how you price them. Applying a standard markup may leave you uncompetitive. A lower markup may be in order.

Servicing these units may require special tools. Make sure your customers have them.

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