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Coolant Testing Refractometer

The Clore Automotive 5026 Automotive Refractometer from Viper features a variety of enhancements to make antifreeze/coolant assessment faster and easier, including an adjustable viewfinder with separate scales per fluid, easy-to-read graphics and a high contrast lens for clear, accurate viewing.

The 5026’s features separate scales for ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and battery acid specific gravity.

It also features Automatic Temperature Compensation, which enables a quick, accurate reading regardless of ambient temperature. Many economy refractometers require the technician to take a reading and then mathematically compensate for temperature to accurately assess the condition of the coolant/antifreeze mixture. With ATC refractometers from Viper, this is done automatically.

The automotive refractometer remains the only OEM-approved method for testing the freeze point of antifreeze and coolant.

The 5026 from VIPER features both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales and work with all varieties of engine coolants. The unit features a rugged steel body construction for durability and is packaged in sturdy cases for safe, secure storage.

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