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News   March 9, 2012   by Auto Service World

ContiTech Extends Range of Tool Kits

ContiTech’s Power Transmission Group has added three sets of tool kits to its service program for repair shops.

The kits include Tool Box V01 designed specifically for changing timing belts in VW engines; ContiTech Laser Kit to check alignment in pulley component packages, and the Tool Box OAP for installation of overrunning alternator pulleys.

The Tool Box V01 is for Volkswagen engines. The ContiTech Laser Kit is a high-precision tool for checking pulley alignment to detect errors quickly and reliably. The Tool Box OAP contains a wide range of generator cap wrench sets and is suitable for most common vehicle types.

“Universal tools can do the job as well as application-specific tools,” said ContiTech’s Roger Homer, “You certainly don’t want a belt to slip off a drive or pulley because that could create potential costly delays in the repair.”

While some of these kits are sold in the U.S. and targeted for specialized import operators, the kits are designed primarily for ContiTech’s European market.

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