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News   June 7, 2004   by Auto Service World

Complete Strut Assemblies Debut

ArvinMeritor, Inc.’s Light Vehicle Aftermarket (LVA) group has announced the availability of Gabriel ReadyMount struts July 1.
These new struts come pre-assembled with bumpers, strut mounts, coil springs and boots for fast and easy installation.
“Pre-assembly means you get it right the first time when changing your struts,” said George Hagedorn, director, ride control products, ArvinMeritor Light Vehicle Aftermarket. “ReadyMount struts save both time and hassle by eliminating the chance of missing parts, and the need for expensive or dangerous tools or equipment.”
Replacing struts at manufacturer recommended intervals helps delay wear on tires and other components, restores the vehicle’s original ride, and improves steering and braking ability.
Warning signs that struts may need to be replaced include:
* Harsh, bumpy or shaky ride;
* Uneven tire wear;
* Vehicle nosedives when braking;
* Vehicle veers in side winds;
* Vehicle bounces after hitting a bump;
* Housing becomes dented or damaged;
* Leaking fluid; and
* Vehicle sways or fans on turns.