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Feature   June 1, 2002   by Auto Service World

Canadain Engine Rebuilder: Engine Rebuild Demo the “Big Noise” at CIAS 2002

Once again the engine rebuilding demonstration at the Automotive Industries Association of Canada’s Canadian Internation-al Automotive Show (CIAS) sent exhibitors scurrying for their earplugs and visitors hurrying for the bleachers to watch.

The engine rebuilding demonstration was performed by Rick Sopaz and Willis Cronkwright of Ertel Manufacturing and sponsored by ERI Engine Rebuilders Inc. Twice a day during the show, the engine was reassembled with accompanying discussions. Questions from the crowd were answered along the way and it all culminated in a high volume climax, the starting and revving up of the muffler-less wonder.

The reaction from exhibitors and visitors was one of those crystal clear examples where the two do not have a meeting of the minds. While many exhibitors wondered allowed at the advisability of having such a raucous intrusion, visitors to the show, particularly technicians, shared large grins and the voiced their approval. On that basis alone, it is likely to be a part of the next CIAS, scheduled for Montreal in April 23-25, 2004.

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