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Feature   January 1, 2000   by Auto Service World

Brake Runout Correction Plates

Brake Align’s Runout Correction plates can save up to 30-45 minutes of labor on the most difficult disc brake services, and also eliminate lateral run-out, which is the number-one complaint of customer comebacks–indicated by brake pedal pulsation or steering wheel shimmy. The new lateral runout correction plates eliminate the need to service vehicles using on-car brake lathes, and take advantage of the accuracy and superior microfinish generated by traditional bench lathes. Brake Align’s unique starter kit includes a generous assortment of runout correction plates, two Marks-A-Lot markers, a dial indicator with Vise Grip, an application chart, a hub cleaner, hub cleaner pads, and anti-corrosive spray. Contact: Brake Align LLC, P.O. Box 15540, Richmond, VA 23227.

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