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News   May 26, 2011   by Auto Service World

Bosch Announces Major Scan Tool Data Update

Bosch has issued a major update to its ESI[tronic] automotive database software.
The 2011/2 update, which is available now, dramatically increases the repair shop’s capabilities servicing General Motors vehicles, and the update has added thousands of new codes and data parameters in the program’s Snaplist, including more function tests, more OBD controls and more diagnostic trouble code information than ever before.
The update includes extensive relevant domestic data on Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn General Motors vehicles, Ford/Mercury, Chrysler, and Dodge/Jeep vehicles, as well as relevant updates on Toyota, Lexus, and Honda Asian vehicles, and Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, and Volkswagen European vehicles.
ESI[tronic] includes comprehensive coverage for popular domestic, Asian and European vehicles, and this latest update powers up the shop’s capabilities using Bosch’s award winning KTS 340 scan tool as well as the KTS 570 and KTS 670. The system utilizes a uniform user interface on the majority of Bosch diagnostics systems, and quarterly updates keep subscribers abreast of the latest information available.
Bosch’s ESI[tronic] database software provides its 60,000 subscribers with up-to-date, relevant service and repair data on 60 types of electronic systems in over 230,000 models from more than 120 vehicle manufacturers, six months after the market launch of a new vehicle.
More than 300 engineers worldwide work continually on systematically analyzing the local vehicle markets and updating the data of the latest vehicle models and the control units used, into the ESI[tronic] software. The program is continually developing new functions, which support repair shop customers.
Subscribers to the Bosch ESI[tronic] software package are provided with the latest DVD update four times a year, and these updates are also available online. Data relating to new vehicle types, target values for vehicle diagnostics, up-to-date information on servicing and maintenance matters, new troubleshooting instructions and technical service information can be imported into the ECU diagnostic systems.

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  1. Kirk Oana says:

    I have a Kts340 my uncle passed away left me the Kts340 he bought it brand new but he never registered the scan tool I was wondering if there is any updates still available to purchase and can I register the tool

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