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News   September 8, 2009   by Auto Service World

Bosch Adds New Commercial Starter to its Line

Bosch recently added its new SR5065H Long Haul Commercial Starter to its line, which offers twice the life of older starters, along with lighter weight for ease of installation according to group product manager for starters and alternators for Bosch, Fred Padgett.

Some of its features include six-pole field windings for increased power with less sensitivity to low battery charge for more reliable starts; a planetary gear reduction system to increase torque and provide faster starts; O-rings to increase resistance to dust, dirt, and moisture, thereby increasing life; a weight of only 21 lbs. – 38 per cent lighter than comparable units for easier installation in tight engine compartments; a two-stage solenoid that prevents damage to the engine ring gear and extends the life of the starter pinion gear; conical solenoid contacts, dual-composite “long-life” brushes, and an integral magnetic switch that provide quicker starts and increased durability. Bosch’s exclusive armature winding technology also provides more copper and increases thermal conductivity, as well as increased resistance to heat for extended life.

“Bosch Long Haul Commercial Starters are built to stringent precision and performance standards, and are 100 per cent factory tested for superior reliability and performance,” said Padgett. “Our new commercial starter shows how Bosch continuously works to advance its standards of excellence.”

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