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News   March 18, 2004   by Auto Service World

BASF Announces Refinish Training Schedule

BASF’s Automotive Refinish business has issued its North American training schedule for the second quarter of 2004. Courses will be conducted at nine training facilities in the United States and Canada (with French-language courses in the Montreal facility).
The courses cover the latest and most advanced techniques for proper application and color adjustment of Glasurit and R-M paint systems.
Several of the sites also offer training in the use of the innovative Glasurit Small-Damage Repair System, as well as the R-M Cycle Time Reduction Repair System. Environmental consideration and safety instruction are integral parts of all the classes.
For registration information, customers may contact the training centers directly, or call the BASF Customer Service Center at 1-800-825-3000 and select option #7.
Canadian training locations and schedules follow.

Montreal Training Center
162 Rue Barr
St. Laurent, Qubec H4T 1Y4 (514) 340-3934
April 6-8–RFN101F, R-M Certification Program (French)
April 13-14–RFN333F, R-M Cycle Time Reduction Repair System (French)
May 4-5–RFN333F, R-M Cycle Time Reduction Repair System (French)
May 18–RFN102, R-M Color Adjustment Techniques
June 2-3–RFN100F, R-M Productivity Techniques Workshop (French)
June 9-10–RFN111F, Introduction to Carizzma Colors (French)
June 22-23–RFN333F, R-M Cycle Time Reduction Repair System (French)

Toronto Training Center
10 Constellation Court
Toronto, ONT M9W 6N9 (416) 674-2242
Jan. 13-15–RFN101, R-M Certification Program
Jan. 21-22–RFN333, R-M Cycle Time Reduction Repair System
Feb. 3–RFN777, R-M Cycle Time Reduction Repair System (1 day)
Feb. 11-12–RFN100, R-M Productivity Techniques Workshop
Feb. 17-18–RFN444, Glasurit Small Damage Repair System
Feb. 26–RFN202, Glasurit Color Adjustment Techniques
March 4–RFN102, R-M Color Adjustment Techniques
March 9-11–RFN101, R-M Certification Program
March 17-18–RFN333, R-M Cycle Time Reduction Repair System

Vancouver Training Center
ICBC Training Center (604) 820-1632–
April 14–RFN300, ICBC Accreditation
April 15–RFN102, ICBC Accreditation
April 28-29–RFN333, R-M Cycle Time Reduction Repair System
May 12–RFN300, ICBC Accreditation
May 13–RFN102, ICBC Accreditation
June 16–RFN300, ICBC Accreditation
June 17–RFN102, ICBC Accreditation

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