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News   February 17, 2010   by Auto Service World

Alternative Fuels Roundup: Who Buys Hybrids? Pencil Outers, Techies, Firsties, and Statement Makers, That’s Who

There are five types of hybrid vehicle buyers, according to the March 2010 issue of Road & Track.

Firsties are early adopters who gain real pleasure in being pioneers. They were the first digital camera enthusiasts and the first to own the latest and greatest in cell phone gadgetries. They are willing to pay significant premiums to be the first on their block. Would they buy another hybrid? Probably not, says the magazine.

Techies love technology. Techies are likely to buy future generations of hybrids, so long as those newer technologies are indeed better.

Greens view the automobile as somewhat of an afterthought or a means to an end;  enthusiasm for hybrids can be either inward, with a personal satisfaction for saving the environment, or outward, where others are witness to and can share in that same commitment.

Statement Makers are aware of their position in society and they feel they are what they drive. They are image conscious car owners who would be disappointed if their hybrid didn’t stand out from the rest of the non-hybrid pack.

Pencil-Outers care about the bottom line of hybrid cars and are motivated by the sheer economics of their mobility; these purchasers also pay close attention to things like political implications and energy independence.

The article, “Hybrids: Perception vs. Reality,” reveals that each of the five types of hybrid car buyers has its own distinct attraction to hybrid car ownership.


Alternative Technologies in the News


Clean Energy Electric Patrol Vehicle Used by Various Mexican Police Authorities

T3 Motion, Inc. (, has deployed  more than 75 T3 Series electric standup vehicle (ESV) in Mexico. These innovative, all-electric vehicles are hard at work in several different types of applications across that country.

Public safety is one of the most prevalent applications for the T3 Series. In Mexico, the vehicles are being utilized by the police departments in Acapulco, San Nicholas and Durango. The T3 Series provides several advantages for law enforcement patrols including a commanding presence, agility, fast response, high visibility over a wide area for the driver, and enhancements to community relations.


Evcarco Appointed as the First Dealership in North America for the Tazzari Zero, First Italian All Electric Vehicle

Evcarco has signed an agreement with Venta Inc. to be the first Tazzari dealership in North America.

The agreement secures Evcarco with certain strategic corporate dealership locations and territories in the United States with Tazzari, the Italian Made All Electric Vehicle.

Plans are to present the Tazzari for sale to the general public in Q2, 2010.


Demand for Natural Gas Predicted to Surge

Hybrid Energy Holdings, Inc. expects there to be a demand surge based on recent industry announcements of growing acceptance and use of natural gas in the car and transportation industry.

Honda’s U.S. built 2010 Civic GX uses only natural gas, and Ford introduced 2011 Ford Transit Connect Taxi Natural Gas. Taxi fleets have long used natural gas as fuel.

Also, the Yellow Group taxicab company has started a conversion to compressed natural gas (CNG) power for all its fleet. Yellow Group plans an initial deployment of 100 new CNG taxis under its Yellow Cab subsidiary, the oldest and largest continuously operating taxi fleet in the U.S.

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