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News   June 29, 2010   by Auto Service World

Actron Introduces Trilingual Scan Tool

Actron is now offering a trilingual scan tool.
Compatible with 1996 and newer vehicles, AutoScanner Plus (Product Number CP9580) is a trilingual OBDII, CAN and ABS Scan Tool delivering live engine data in English, Spanish and French. The new AutoScanner Plus scan tool is equipped with CodeConnect – a comprehensive database containing three million verified solutions for trouble codes that cause the check engine light to illuminate.
This new generation scan tool can also record, graph and play back real time data as well as read and erase generic and manufacturer specific trouble codes.
“Featuring our unique CodeConnect technology, the easy-to-use AutoScanner Plus displays trouble codes and prioritizes troubleshooting with the Top Reported Fixes specific to a vehicle’s make, model, year and engine. With the simple push of a button, the AutoScanner Plus ‘connects’ you with the most probable solutions to the vehicle problem,” said Jennifer Grabowski, product manager for Actron.
With more information and more code definitions than competitive products, AutoScanner Plus provides do-it-yourselfers and professional technicians with the information they need to fix vehicles faster. All the information is contained within the tool, so there is no need to go to a website to review or download additional information. The new scan tool also includes domestic ABS code coverage for 1996-2008 domestic vehicles, and it reads and displays all 9 modes of global OBD II data.
In addition, the AutoScanner Plus software displays emissions status, MIL status, all 15 I/M monitors, VIN information, live engine and Freeze Frame data. It has a USB port to receive online updates and is PC compatible.
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