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Feature   February 1, 2000   by Bob Blans

ACROSS CANADA REPORT: A Head for Fundraising

Have you heard? Ritchie York, the AIA Saskatchewan Division chairman, has found a new way to raise money for the Marion Roberts Scholarship Fund as well as another pet project of his, the Fraternal Order of the Eagles Scholarship Fund.

As I understand it, he has agreed to shave his head in return for pledges from the various divisions, and the money raised will be split evenly between the two causes. For those of you who don’t know Ritchie, he wears his hair very long. Apparently some divisions will not pay their pledges until they see a picture of a bald Ritchie. Watch for it in an upcoming issue of Jobber News.

AIA Show and Convention update:

The PBE Council is launching a major new safety campaign known as the “Top 10 Health and Safety Tips for Shops.” Posters and booklets will be available at CIAS 2000 in Montreal. Although the message is directed at bodyshops, the tips are also valid for parts jobbers. Ken Hine, the chair of the PBE Council Safety, Health and Environment Subcommittee, has spearheaded this project.

During the convention the Emissions Session will give members insight into programs across the country. Martin Lay with Pacific Vehicle Testing Technologies will talk about the B.C. AirCare Program. John Cochrane, John Cochrane Automotive, will give an industry perspective on the effect of the Ontario Drive Clean program on jobbers and installers. Andre Belisle of the AQLPA (the Quebec association on pollution control) will provide an update on the Quebec pilot program. These are just two more reasons to attend the convention (April 13) and show (April 14-16) in Montreal.


Southwestern Ontario Division chairman Dave Elliott says the Drive Clean seminar previously scheduled for March has been re-scheduled to Wednesday, April 5 at Fanshawe College, London, Ont. The featured speaker is John Cochrane of John Cochrane Automotive and the seminar topic is “Real Life Experience with Drive Clean.” John has personally tested more than 1,000 vehicles for emissions. Jobbers are encouraged to bring their installer customers to this presentation.

Doug Dawson in Northern Alberta reports that 120 people attended the Automotive Booster Christmas Party in Edmonton. Each year the Booster Club selects individuals who have contributed a great deal of time and effort to the industry: Dick Wells, Dick’s Auto, Edson, Alta., was selected Jobber of the Year; Pat Rankin, who works at the Bumper to Bumper D.C. in Edmonton, was named Support Person of the Year; and Randy Jethon of Alliance Sales received the Sales Rep of the Year Award. Doug also notes that AIA Northern Alberta will be publishing a quarterly newsletter in early 2000.

Peter Gilchrist, the AIA B.C. Interior Division representative, reports that the UAP/NAPA store in Vanderhoof, B.C. is now an associate store operated by owner Michael Riopel. Also, Fleetwest Enterprises Ltd. in Clearwater B.C., which was primarily in the industrial supply business, has expanded into the automotive parts business. Jack Braaksman is the principal in this company. The closure of Azure Auto prompted the expansion.

Peter Gilchrist also notes that the recent inspection of various auto parts stores in the B.C. Interior by the Department of Transport has prompted many people to take the AIA Transportation of Dangerous Goods Course for certification. Peter advises jobbers to make sure that their certification is current.

Note: If you have any information to contribute to this column please call Bob Blans at (905) 844-8616, Fax (905) 844-8731, E-Mail to or write to Across Canada Report c/o Jobber News Magazine, 1450 Don Mills Rd., Don Mills, ON M3B 2X7. In addition to AIA Division activities we are interested in hearing from you about the opening of a new business, change of ownership, expansions etc.

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