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News   April 1, 2008   by Auto Service World

A New Automotive Career?

The biggest one-day motorsports event of 2008 may well be the breaking of the Land Speed Record by the North American Eagle (NAE), a group of Canadians and Americans working together to create a 50,000 horsepower car that will travel faster than the speed of sound.
NAE is currently searching North America for a young man or woman that wants to be trained by veteran land speed racing driver and NAE co-owner, Ed Shadle, to be the fastest person on earth.
NAE is seeking a person with experience in high-speed motorsports as well as experience being on camera and with speaking to large audiences.
Land speed racing has been an important part of motorsports for over 100 years.
About one billion people were watching the event live on television in 1997 when ThrustSSC broke the record.
The ThrustSSC website received 3.5 million page hits that same day.
Since then, seven television documentaries have been screened continuously about ThrustSSC and the car continues to receive 300,000 visitors a year at the Coventry Museum of Transportation.
The North American Eagle is an innovative, purpose-built craft created for one goal: breaking the World Land Speed Record (LSR) which has stood for 11 years.

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