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Motor Oil and Filter Sales Tips
July 13, 2016 by Steve Pawlett

Motor oil, oil filters, and air filters are product categories that play a key role in the aftermarket. They are part of basic regular maintenance, which is considered the lifeblood of a garage. But with the variety of items available

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You Are What You Measure
July 13, 2016 by Andrew Ross

The oft-used missive, “You can’t manage it, if you can’t measure it,” only goes so far. Inasmuch as you can’t run a business without some level of information on what is actually going on – or at the very least,

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Management Insights: The Leadership Part
July 10, 2016 by Murray Voth

By Murray Voth I hear a lot of common complaints from shop owners. Speaking of their own employees, they’ll say, “You’d think they’d know how to do that by now!” or “I thought they’d know better! It’s just common sense.”

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Cruise control shows its adaptive side
June 30, 2016 by By Jeff Taylor

Part 2 of 7 in an exclusive series

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By the numbers: Non-driving related accidents and more…
June 25, 2016 by CARS Magazine

75% Percentage of cars that Rolls-Royce has produced since 1906 that are still on the road today. The Economist, 2013 1 in 6 Vehicles on the road that need at least one new belt. Car Care Council 3.2% The 2015

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IT’S YOUR TURN: Let’s retire unsafe vehicles
June 25, 2016 by Bob Ward

It should be the duty of repair shops to prevent neglected and dangerous vehicles from getting back on the road.


Keeping it between the lines
May 25, 2016 by Jeff Taylor

Part 1 of 7 in an exclusive series

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How Preparing A Business For Sale Is Like Rehearsing For A Theatre Performance
May 18, 2016 by Mark Borkowski

When entering the centre-stage spotlight, both the business owner and a star performer must know their roles, the script, the story, as well as the other major players and the roles they will play. The goal of both is to

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The A-B-Cs Of Social Media
May 18, 2016 by Martha Uniacke Breen

As a medium for promoting your products and services, connecting and interacting with customers and other stakeholders, communicating helpful and timely information, and consolidating and building your reputation as the go-to expert in your field, social media is the ideal

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Why Succession Planning Is Important
May 18, 2016 by Steve Pawlett

It is estimated that some 80% of private firms in Canada are family owned, and the majority of those have no succession plan. The aftermarket is a good reflection of this statistic, since it has a significant population of shop

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Meeting The Needs Of A Market In Transition
May 18, 2016 by Steve Pawlett

  Automotive Industries Association of Canada incoming chair Doug Reevey believes the most important part of his commitment to the association over the coming year is to continue to evolve AIA so that it remains a relevant business partner and

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Why You Should Sell Value Over Price
May 18, 2016 by Steve Pawlett

Consumer spending on automotive products increased about 4% in 2015 compared with the previous year, and the top eight premium product categories surged over 15% in dollar growth. Clearly, consumers are choosing quality over price. Popular growth categories include synthetic