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The DVI revolution: How tablets made their way into the bay
March 19, 2019 by Alan Beech

How digital video inspections became one of the auto repair industry’s greatest selling tools.

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The future of mobility
March 18, 2019 by Geoff Kirbyson

How we get around – and repair vehicles – is set for a radical transformation

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NUMBERS: Stats That Put Our Industry Into Perspective
March 14, 2019 by Allan Janssen

    32% Percentage of employers who say they’re satisfied with the job high schools do in preparing grads for employment. Universities do better with 37% satisfaction. Colleges is the clear winner with 51% satisfaction. Hire Education Report, October 2018,

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The More Things Change: Invoicing Systems
March 14, 2019 by Allan Janssen

Our latest walk down memory lane takes a look at how invoicing systems have changed over the years. March 2019: Invoicing Systems The more things change? Take a look back at the quaint old days of the last century when

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Selling SPRING
March 11, 2019 by Allan Janssen

There are some services that should be part of your spring package… are you selling them? 

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Optimism for today, questions for tomorrow
March 8, 2019 by Geoff Kirbyson

A stormy aftermarket forecast can be avoided with the right planning. Industry experts weigh in on how the industry can set itself up for success

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Challenges ready to hit on all front
March 6, 2019 by Donalee Moulton

From taking on the competition to hiring challenges, jobbers are ready to dig in

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TALKING TECH: Cleaning up the diesel
March 2, 2019 by Jeff Taylor

A good understanding of exhaust aftertreatment systems, and the right tools and information are critical to addressing any diesel issues.

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A fresh cup of SUCCESS
March 2, 2019 by Richard Dansereau

Six strategies to help you abandon old ideas in favour of new, more relevant ones.

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Get the asbestos out
March 1, 2019 by Adam Malik

Government ban means jobbers can’t sell any product with the harmful substance

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Facing ‘the single-greatest threat to the independent aftermarket’
February 5, 2019 by Adam Malik

Plateauing new sales plus higher used sales equals stiff competition ahead

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We have a deal
November 28, 2018 by Adam Malik

But new free trade agreement means things won’t be ‘business as usual’