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News   February 3, 2016   by Steve Pawlett

Dorman Products Announces New Website Enhancements



Recent Activity Screen Shot

Dorman has updated its websites to make it easier to look up parts using the web-based search tools.

The, and websites now offer “recently viewed” functions, in addition to a search option for VMRS codes (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards).

These new web features, largely based on customer input, are designed to add customization and flexibility to Dorman’s web properties.

Dorman has added viewing options for recent search activity, an enhancement designed to save customers time and provide personalization options. The ‘Recent Activity’ link, located at the top of Dorman’s websites, provides site visitors access to 15 of their latest vehicle searches; which automatically save and dynamically update as additional searches are performed. In addition, Dorman’s web visitors now have the ability to actively save an additional 20 searches; even offering naming options for each. Now, shops can “program” Dorman’s website and set up easy access to their most common vehicle searches, saving valuable shop time.

Primarily used in heavy vehicle and fleet maintenance, VMRS codes capture and report equipment maintenance activities, and ultimately link multiple industry segments through a common coding language. The addition of VMRS-based search to Dorman’s websites provides customers with expanded search flexibility and enables them to rapidly locate parts using a universal and internationally recognized coding system.




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