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News   August 29, 2018   by Allan Janssen

Chevron Knowledge Centre: Everything’s about to change! … or is it?

In the final installment in this exclusive new series, James Carter says as transportation transforms, the evolving aftermarket will remain a viable and vital part of the industry.

Automotive consultant James Carter says that despite the sprint of new transportation technology, the auto repair and service industry has avoided “outsized disruptions” so far.

“The industry has continued to evolve in its process of repairing and servicing vehicles, which are almost exclusively powered by internal combustion engines,” he says in the final article in his series on the future of the aftermarket.

But Carter says technology often brings a “greying out” of industries – something that occurs when consumer choice greatly proliferates, and new products or services bridge gaps that previously seemed a mile wide.

Will it happen to us? Well, we’re in a good spot, he argues, because vehicle maintenance will always be needed. And while the products we work on might change, as will the customers we work for, increased transportation choice means a lot of opportunity for continued industry growth.

“New technologies and customer demand are changing fast,” he writes. “This means that smart operators will need keep a very careful eye on what’s happening – not just in the automotive aftermarket, but in transportation as a mega-industry.”

AutoServiceWorld has the latest insights from Carter, the principal consultant at Toronto-based consultancy Vision Mobility.

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