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News   August 2, 2022   by Paid Content

Castrol ON and Jaguar Formula E Racing usher in a new era for electric vehicles

Wakefield debuts Castrol ON in Canada

Formula E fans around the globe may be dazzled by the extreme architecture of the Jaguar I-Type 5  and its acceleration rate of 0 to 100 km/h in an astonishing 2.8 seconds, but the real excitement is happening under the hood. New Castrol ON e-Fluid technologies keep EVs (electronic vehicles) running at peak performance, on the track – and on the road.

Castrol ON, the official e-Fluids partner of the Jaguar Formula E Team, together with Jaguar is delivering technological breakthroughs for tomorrow’s electric vehicles, pioneering new e-Fluids testing and monitoring methods, and supporting a shared goal of helping drive the global transition to electric vehicles. Castrol ON products are new in Canada, distributed by Wakefield.

“Castrol’s engineers work alongside our own to overcome challenges and find performance gains,” says James Barclay, Jaguar Racing Team Director. “From e-Greases that improve efficiency and reduce rolling resistance, to e-Thermal fluids and e-Transmission fluids that keep the powertrain operating at optimum level, racing is the perfect test-bed to hone our respective products. Together this is proving to be a winning partnership.”

The race team development of Castrol ON e-Transmission Fluid has focused on reducing friction and power losses, improving oil pressure supply and reducing temperatures within the critical components of the gearbox. This is helping to extend the life of the powertrain and improve efficiency – critical factors for race and road EVs alike.

Castrol ON e-Thermal Fluid has been designed to keep the Jaguar I-TYPE 5’s power electronic system cool under extreme and demanding racing conditions. Castrol ON e-thermal fluid will enable future EVs to be charged more rapidly, a crucial requirement as demand for ultra-fast charging capabilities increases.

Switching to Castrol ON e-Grease is helping Jaguar Racing save weight in its Formula E cars. The additives in the grease provides improved lubrication to the critical driveline components, reducing friction losses and overall temperatures thereby improving the durability. For electrified road cars, the improved efficiency of moving components has been found to improve driving range, one of the key factors affecting their mainstream adoption.

“Putting e-Fluids to the test on the racetrack delivers what drivers want: to go further on a single charge by enabling better efficiency throughout the powertrain,” says Barclay. “Castrol’s partnership with Jaguar Racing’s Formula E Team is part of our wider ambition to play a key role in the e-mobility revolution.”

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