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News   March 30, 2016   by CARS Magazine

Wells Vehicle Electronics’ YouTube channel surpasses 10 million views

Wells Vehicle Electronics has surpassed 10 million YouTube views of its signature series of diagnostic case study videos.

The videos, designed to help automotive service repair professionals with servicing today’s automotive electrical problems, are available through the Wells VE channel, Airtextech channel, as well as at the website.

“Our technical videos serve the needs of today’s automotive service professionals who are actively searching for timely service recommendations,” said David Boer, vice president of sales and marketing, Wells Vehicle Electronics. “We’re very excited to exceed 10 million views of our diagnostic videos on YouTube.”

More than 19,700 industry professionals subscribe to the company’s three YouTube channels. Produced by the technical services team at Wells Vehicle Electronics, the team actively researches, writes and produces in-house each case study video. “The technical services team here at Wells is top-notch, and members have become industry icons to automotive service professionals because they continuously find the problematic diagnostics repairs and report on them as quickly as they can,” Boer said.

Each video addresses a complex diagnostic challenge automotive service repair professionals commonly see, and walks technicians through completing an accurate and efficient diagnosis and reaching an effective resolution. Some of the most popular episodes include “Misfire Diagnostics P0300 GM,” “Diagnosticando y cambiando un sensor de presión de EGR DPFE de Ford con un concurso sorpresa Wells” and “Ignition Control Modules ICMs featuring Sgt. Tech by Wells.”

The entire video library is available at


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1 Comment » for Wells Vehicle Electronics’ YouTube channel surpasses 10 million views
  1. Bob Paff says:

    The numbers make things look real good. But, you’d better take a closer look. The majority of viewers are DIY’s and enthusiasts. Even though they have set up specific channels on YouTube, it is wide open to the general public and the service professional is in the minority if, in fact, they even know about it.
    Try this. View one of their videos on YouTube. Once the video is complete, YouTube will place something random as the next video to view.
    Using a public forum such as this is effectively giving away our trade secrets.

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