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News   August 31, 2011   by CARS Magazine

Schrader Adds New 433 MHz Coverage to EZ-sensor Line

Schrader announced an addition to the company's EZ-sensor program, the 433 MHz EZ-sensor. In conjunction with the company's 315 MHz sensor, Schrader's array of EZ-sensor technology delivers enhanced options and brings total...

Schrader announced an addition to the company’s EZ-sensor program, the 433 MHz EZ-sensor. In conjunction with the company’s 315 MHz sensor, Schrader’s array of EZ-sensor technology delivers enhanced options and brings total EZ-sensor coverage to approximately 72 per cent of the 65 million TPMS-equipped vehicles in the U.S.

The 433 MHz EZ-sensor enables legacy vehicle coverage as well as further access to domestic, Asia-Pacific and European platforms. To differentiate, the 315 MHz EZ-sensor has a black sensor-housing while the 433 MHz EZ-sensor has a gray sensor-housing.

“We’re very excited to add the 433 MHz sensor option for EZ-sensor,” said Trevor Potter, vice-president of North American Aftermarket, Schrader. “This addition to our portfolio moves Schrader even closer to reaching our goal of 90 per cent coverage for all vehicle platforms. While coverage is certainly important, it is critical to note that not all replacement TPMS sensors are created equally. EZ-sensor offers a true OEM-equivalent sensor while providing our Aftermarket customer-partners a future-proofed and completely scalable solution with just two SKUs. At the same time, EZ-sensor delivers an easy-to-use replacement package that repair technicians can adopt quickly.”

“The 433 MHz sensor rounds out the EZ-sensor technology development cycle,” said Scot Holloway, general manager, Bartec. “With two sensors, the EZ-sensor program makes servicing TPMS-equipped vehicles a smart business decision. Additionally, with eight different Bartec scan/programming tools compatible with EZ-sensor, we offer flexible options for the single independent repair bay all the way to the national tire dealers and mass merchants.”

The release of the 433 MHz sensor is another example of Schrader’s commitment to provide not only the best in replacement technology for the more than 258 million TPMS sensors deployed in the field, but also the comprehensive coverage, accurate application data, and on-site service and support to further integrate or adopt TPMS by aftermarket businesses. Coverage-wise, with the addition of the 433 MHz sensor, the remaining vehicle platforms in the overall EZ-sensor program include Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen, Audi and BMW.

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