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News   September 15, 2010   by CARS Magazine

Rubber Recycling expert to debunk myths around crumb rubber at TIA Environmental Symposium

The headlines in mainstream publications are rife with stories of how the use of crumb rubber products - like ...

The headlines in mainstream publications are rife with stories of how the use of crumb rubber products – like those derived from scrap tires – are unsafe, especially in athletic field and playground applications. Yet, even the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has deemed this material safe. At the upcoming the Tire Industry Association (TIA) Environmental Symposium, Mike Wezel, vice-president of sales & marketing for Liberty Tire Recycling, will not only be debunking myths about crumb rubber, he’ll also cover the scientific, performance, and environmental facts of this material.

The symposium is being held on September 30 – October 2 at the Ocean City Convention Center in Ocean City, MD. Interested attendees can register by visiting the “Events” section of, or by calling 800.876.8372, ext. 104.

In his session, entitled, “Separating Myths from Facts Concerning the Use of Recycled Rubber Products,” Wezel will discuss how environmental activists and others continue to perpetuate myths and misconceptions concerning the use of recycled rubber in various rubber-based products, and how industry advocacy groups, associations, and leading tire recycling companies are launching proactive campaigns to bring the facts to the forefront. Specifically, he will discuss how study after study has concluded that the use of crumb rubber in products such as synthetic turf or playground surfaces poses no health or environmental risk.

“There are many myths and outright distortions out there concerning the use of crumb rubber. Yet, this product has been studied thoroughly and has been declared safe. If you want to not only learn the truth about this product, but see how it might be beneficial, you need to be at the TIA Environmental Symposium,” said Dick Gust, TIA Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) co-chair. “TIA is a leader in disseminating facts and debunking myths about the tire industry, so our Environmental Symposium is a logical place for an expert like Mike to give the facts about crumb rubber,” said TIA Executive vice-president Roy Littlefield.

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