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News   April 15, 2011   by CARS Magazine

Ross-Tech is moving to a fee-based system for Live Telephone Support for VW/Audi Vehicle Trouble-Shooting

On July 19, 2011, Ross-Tech, LLC will begin charging for live telephone technical support of VW/Audi vehicle diagnostics. Two options will be available to registered users of Ross-Tech’s acclaimed VCDS tool:

• For the registered user who anticipates using Ross-Tech’s live telephone technical support for more than 7 cases per year, there is an unlimited $250 annual subscription plan.

• For the registered user who expects to use Ross-Tech’s live telephone support fewer than 7 times per year, Ross-Tech offers individual support tickets at $35 per case.

Each support ticket is good for one VIN, one problem, and must be closed within 5 days.  Multiple calls for support on this problem are permitted under the ticket. Calls after the 5 day period require a new ticket even if the same problem is still being addressed.

“Ross-Tech understands that switching to fee based live support after 11 years of doing this for free may be perceived as a radical change, but in order to continue to provide the best possible support available for VW/Audi products, we must recover the cost of providing this service,” says Uwe Ross, Ross-Tech’s founder. “We currently employ 3 full-time tech support specialists, two of whom are VW factory trained. Given the constantly growing demand for their time, we expect it will be necessary to add more staff to this department before the year is out. Charging a nominal fee to assist users who want us to help them trouble-shoot cars will permit us to maintain the quality of service which our professional customers from around the world have come to expect.”

Vehicle trouble-shooting assistance via E-Mail and Internet automotive forums will continue to be free, because providing support in that manner is much less demanding of instant responses from our staff.

Telephone technical support for the VCDS product itself will remain free and available via the phone. This service is limited to assistance with the installation of the product and questions / issues concerning the operation of the product. This free support specifically excludes real-time assistance with diagnostic procedures and trouble-shooting on VW/Audi cars.

For more information, please contact Bruce Ruhf, Director of Operations & Marketing at 267-638-2300 or by email to

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