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News   November 29, 2012   by CARS Magazine

New spout on Rislone bottles earns packaging award

New EZ Nozzle Spout works with all vehicle fuel tanks, makes it easier for drivers to add treatment without spilling!

Rislone won a packaging award at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo in Las Vegas. The award came in the Innovation Category, for Rislone’s new fuel treatment dual cavity bottle with attached EZ Nozzle Spout. The bottle is used for new Rislone Gasoline Fuel Treatment and Rislone Diesel Fuel Treatment. The patent-pending EZ Nozzle Spout on the Gasoline Fuel Treatment package enables customers to easily dispense the product into any gasoline-powered vehicle, including the some 15 million in North America with capless or obstructed fuel tanks. The EZ Nozzle Spout on the Diesel Fuel Treatment bottle is designed to work only with diesel fuel systems, preventing mis-fueling.

“A lot of effort went into creating this package and delivery system, and it’s gratifying to see it honored by AAPEX as one of the most innovative in the industry,” said Clay Parks, vice president of development for Rislone. “We received a lot of positive feedback at the show, and we are looking forward to getting these new products into stores across North America early next year.”

An EZ Nozzle Spout is included with every dual-cavity bottle. The vehicle owner only needs to tear the spout off of the perforated tab and screw it into the top of the bottle for quick and easy installation. After installation, the whole package may be thrown away or recycled to eliminate any mess in the vehicle or garage.

Each dual-cavity bottle includes six different additives and treatments that are recommended for use every 5,000 miles to clean and lubricate complete fuel systems. Drivers should notice increased vehicle power, performance and mileage after installation.

U.S. manufacturers currently producing vehicles with various capless fuel systems include Ford, Lincoln, Cadillac, Chrysler and Dodge. No other chemical company’s fuel additive bottles will work unaided with all of these systems. Many German vehicles and other imports have fuel systems that require a funnel, screwdriver or other assistance to install additives. OEMs manufacturing vehicles with these obstructed systems include: BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, and VW.

Rislone anticipates the demand for its EZ Fuel-equipped products will continue to grow. Due to increasingly stringent EPA emissions regulations, nearly every automaker is expected to move to capless or obstructed fuel systems across their product lines in the next five to six years.



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