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News   June 14, 2010   by CARS Magazine

New SmartLift Anniversary Brochure From Rotary Lift Available

As part of the year-long "Proven 15/50" campaign celebrating the 15th anniversary and 50,000th unit of the Sma...

As part of the year-long “Proven 15/50” campaign celebrating the 15th anniversary and 50,000th unit of the SmartLift inground lift, Rotary Lift has released a new SmartLift anniversary brochure.

SmartLift is the original environmentally friendly inground lift. Invented by Rotary Lift and introduced in 1995, SmartLift was the first fully contained inground lift. Fifteen years after its introduction, Rotary Lift has sold more than 50,000 SmartLift inground lifts – more than any other inground lift in the world.

The new full-color SmartLift brochure’s back cover features a timeline outlining Rotary’s 85 years of inground lift innovation, starting with the company founder’s invention of the first inground lift in 1925.

One page of the brochure is dedicated to the environmentally responsible features and green benefits of the SmartLift inground lift, including: Uses less than five gallons of hydraulic fluid vs. 62 gallons required by traditional inground lifts; full containment to prevent leaks and protect against electrolysis and corrosion; composite housing and steel components made from recycled materials; bio-fluid compatible; and minimal packaging.

Smaller footprint allows 12 SmartLift inground lifts to be installed in the same amount of space as 11 two-post lifts, for lower construction costs and smaller utility bills.

The six-page brochure also reviews the many SmartLift configurations and options that are available and highlights some of the features that provide shops with lower overall total cost of ownership, including patented Easy Access cylinders, locking mechanism, and Liquid Detection System. Plus, there are no hidden costs when installing a SmartLift inground lift. It runs on typical shop air systems, with no need for special compressors, airlines or other equipment.

Rotary Lift SmartLift inground lifts are available in a variety of configurations to suit virtually any light-duty maintenance and repair application. Lifting capacity is from 8,000 to 12,000 lbs. All SmartLift inground lifts are third-party tested by ETL and ALI certified to meet ANSI standards. The SmartLift is made in the U.S.A.

As part of the “Proven 15/50” campaign, Rotary Lift is giving away the 50,000th SmartLift inground lift. Enter the drawing online at through Dec. 31, 2010.

For more information about the Rotary Lift SmartLift and “Proven 15/50” campaign, contact your local Rotary Lift distributor, log on to, or call (800) 640-5438.

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