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News   September 30, 2014   by CARS Magazine

Liqui Moly Improves Cera Tec, Motor Protect

Liqui Moly has upgraded its wear prevention additives, Cera Tec and Motor Protect.

Liqui Moly has upgraded its wear prevention additives, Cera Tec and Motor Protect.

“We were successful in again improving the formulas for these two additives”, said David Kaiser, head of research and development at Liqui Moly.

“Although Cera Tech and Motor Protect were already one of the most effective wear protection additives previously,” continued David Kaiser. The new formulas have made these two additives even more effective.

Both Cera Tec and Motor Protect are high-tech additives. Motor Protect contains so-called friction modifiers to provide chemical protection against engine wear. Its effective ingredients deposit on the metal surfaces, smoothing the surface structure and forming a reactive coating to reduce direct metal-to-metal contact. Cera Tec also provides double protection. It also contains substances for chemical as well as physical protection: Minute ceramic particles act as a solid lubricant, allowing the metal to slide particularly well. The particles are so tiny that that they easily pass through the oil filter. Cera Tec offers maximum wear protection; Motor Protect is the preferred additive for those who do not want a solid lubricant in the oil.

Cera Tech and Motor Protect reduce friction in the engine and thus decrease wear. This increases the service life of the engine and helps increase fuel mileage. The Laboratory for Automotive Testing in Landau, Germany has confirmed that even with the old formula, Cera Tec already provided twice the protection in comparison to motor oils without Cera Tec.

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