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News   July 5, 2010   by CARS Magazine

International Nameplate Automobile Dealers Announce Monthly Sales (July 05, 2010)

The American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) today released June 2010 sales figures for t...

The American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) today released June 2010 sales figures for the international nameplate automobile industry. AIADA represents more than 10,000 international nameplate franchises whose brands accounted for 53.4 per cent of all vehicles sold in the United States in June, up from 52.9 per cent in May.

Overall sales, including domestic brands and unadjusted for business days, were up 14.4 per cent from June 2009 and 16.7 per cent for the year. However, they dropped 10.8 per cent from May 2010. The seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) for light vehicles now stands at 11.08 million, an improvement over 9.7 million units in June 2009, but still less than many analysts had predicted for the year.

Falling consumer confidence, at its lowest recorded level since March, and disappointing unemployment numbers are being blamed for the tepid recovery in auto sales. International brands last month were led by Hyundai (up 35 per cent from June 2009), Mazda (32.8 per cent), and Subaru (16 per cent). Toyota sold the most vehicles of any international brand – 123,272 – up 7.4 per cent from June 2009. Honda came in second with 95,788 units sold. General Motors led all U.S. sales with 194,716 units.

“These numbers are a reminder that the U.S. auto industry’s retail recovery will be a gradual process with both ups and downs,” said AIADA president Cody Lusk. “Dealers are working every day to provide consumers with the safe, reliable vehicles they want. We are confident that slow and steady year-over-year increases are the hallmark of true and lasting revival.”

According to numbers from Autodata Corp., international brands sold 525,845 units in June, down from 582,658 in May and 540,077 in April. Asian brands accounted for 44.8 per cent of the overall market, down from 45.1 per cent in May. European nameplates had an 8.6 percent share, up from 7.8 in May. Domestic brands finished the month with 46.5 per cent of the market, down from 47.2 per cent in May.