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News   July 3, 2015   by CARS Magazine

Globe and Mail’s Salary Series covers automotive technicians

rb-ca-carLast week the Globe and Mail’s Salary Series covered the benefits, requirements and challenges of a career as an automotive service technician.

The article discusses the training involved in automotive work, the certificates that vary per province (including the most common Red Seal Technician certification), as well as the different types of programs and apprenticeships available.

Part of the series included the wage differences of automotive technicians and how they vary by province. According to a 2009 Alberta Wage and Salary survey, automotive technicians in their province had an average annual income of $55,972. Quebec, on the other hand, according to Job Futures Quebec, only had an average annual income of $39,100 in 2014.

A 2011 nationwide survey said the average Canadian automotive technician salary was $42,488.

One of the article’s notable highlights is the discussion of job prospects for automotive professionals. The repair industry, like many skilled trades, is facing a talent shortage as many in the industry approach retirement. “There will be more jobs to fill than people to fill them,” said Ken McCormack, president and CEO of the Automotive Retailers Association.

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