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News   October 14, 2010   by CARS Magazine

Federal-Mogul’s New Magnum Monosteel Piston Offers Improved Fuel Economy and Reduced Emissions for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Since its introduction in 2003, Federal-Mogul Corporation's Monosteel piston has become an industry standard for heavy-duty diesel vehicle applications with more than 3.5 million pistons produced to date.  Federal-Mogul today announced...

Since its introduction in 2003, Federal-Mogul Corporation’s Monosteel piston has become an industry standard for heavy-duty diesel vehicle applications with more than 3.5 million pistons produced to date.  Federal-Mogul today announced that it has developed the next generation of the Monosteel piston, called Magnum Monosteel. The new design reduces piston mass by up to seven percent and includes design features that reduce friction for improved fuel economy and lower emissions.

The Magnum Monosteel piston is in development testing with major global commercial vehicle and engine manufacturers in North America and Europe.  Like the original Monosteel piston, the Magnum addresses the increasing thermal, mechanical, abrasion and corrosion challenges placed on heavy-duty diesel engines resulting from stringent emissions regulations.  The original Monosteel and new Magnum Monosteel have patented dual friction-welded construction, which enables large cooling galleries for superior high temperature resistance and strength to withstand the highest cylinder pressures found in modern commercial vehicle engines.

The key differentiator for the Magnum, however, is its unique “double-band” piston skirt design-a first for modern diesel pistons. The double-band skirt helps to reduce frictional drag and reduces the overall piston skirt area by 40 per cent, making this innovative design feature the primary contributor to the Magnum’s overall friction and mass reduction. Extensive engine testing has shown piston friction reduction of up to 17 per cent, compared to conventional steel piston designs.

The Magnum’s double-band skirt also enables better hydrodynamic lubrication as compared to conventional piston skirt designs.  The improved lubrication allows for greater piston stability as well as optimal ring pack performance and durability.  Federal-Mogul developed the Magnum piston at its Powertrain Energy technical center in Plymouth, Mich. — one of the company’s 18 globally networked technical centers.  

“With the Magnum piston, Federal-Mogul is again bringing a significant piston architecture innovation to the heavy-duty market through an enhancement to our proven Monosteel design,” said Rainer Jueckstock, Federal-Mogul senior vice president of Powertrain Energy.

“Like our industry-leading Monosteel piston, the Magnum with its fuel economy benefits is another game-changing technology that provides heavy-duty customers with a more effective solution to the emissions challenges they face,” added Jueckstock.  “In addition to on-highway applications, the Magnum is well suited for industrial and marine applications as well.  This new leading technology will strongly contribute to our strategy for sustainable global profitable growth.

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