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News   November 26, 2012   by CARS Magazine

Bosch introduces new packaging to reduce waste and pollution

New green packaging designed specifically for Purolator Group 7 and ProMotive engine air filters.

Purolator has launched a new initiative to reduce the amount of packaging used on its top air filter SKUs in its Group 7 By Purolator and ProMotive By Purolator engine air filter lines.

Designed to help ‘go green,’ this new program is expected to generate 30 percent less waste while saving 25 percent of the shelf space needed for comparable inventories.

Replacing conventional rectangular cardboard boxes, the new packaging uses a combination of clear shrink-wrap plastic and cardboard that displays the product clearly with part numbers enlarged for ease of reference. Also imprinted are competitive cross-references and UPC codes for easy scanning.

The SKUs that will be affected by this initiative represent the most popular air filters.

Benefits of this innovative new packaging include:

* Reduced shelf space requirement which allows for more inventory in the same space

* Modern packaging materials protect air filters against dirt, dust, and moisture during transit and storage and extend shelf life

* Smaller packages generate less waste which reduces the cost of removal/disposal

* The use of shrink wrap will help offset the carbon footprint by as much as 4 times the current footprint

* The shrink wrap used is chemically inert so it is harmless in landfills and uses less space, or can be incinerated with no hazardous byproducts

* This substantial reduction in packaging materials represents a ‘green’ business practice that a company can market to its customers

* Shelf space can now be better utilized to help assure a needed product will be in stock, helping to prevent lost sales.

According to Chuck Kerrigan, director, regional business unit, North America, for Purolator, “The new packaging, which follows our company’s values of economic use of resources and environmental sustainability, will reduce the consumption of some 85 tons of cardboard every year, keeping those materials out of the waste stream. In addition to protecting our environment and resources, our partnerships with environmentally-responsible retailers will also hold down costs throughout the distribution chain.”


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