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News   December 22, 2015   by CARS Magazine

EYE SPY: Found under the hood


Look what I found under the hood!

What does a Christmas wreath have to do with car repair? Well, it’s just one way Finateri Ltd. is making their shop ready for the holidays. Using pinecones found in a Pontiac Sunfire that came into the shop for an oil change and winter tire installation, the shop owner’s daughter created this awesome Christmas wreath.


Here’s the before pic of the Pontiac’s engine.


I’m sure the car’s owner is much happier with this new home for the pinecones.

imagejpeg_2 2

It seems that Finateri Ltd. isn’t the only shop dealing with a surplus of pinecones around the holidays, either. Henry Gotkowski from Eastside Auto Service in Alb. found an engine full of them in this Ford Freestyle.


Gary Smith from Bathurst Toyota, N.B. found where one squirrel had been storing pinecones to keep warm for the winter.


And this final one isn’t pine cone related, but was discovered by Moe LeBlanc from Midas Moncton, N.B. Now, I don’t know if I’d call this a safe place to build a nest…


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