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News   June 18, 2021   by Christine Hogg

ASW Conversations: ShopPros on business planning & why you shouldn’t count on “Plan B”

On the latest episode of ASW Conversations, our host and publisher, Peter Bulmer, sits down with Jack Chapman, Lead Coach/Sales/Success Developer, ShopPros. Based in Atlanta, Chapman got his start in the automotive industry by working in his dad’s garage. After a colourful career that dabbled in service and management, hiring, recruiting, and teaching, Chapman now utilizes those skills to help grow the team over at ShopPros.

ShopPros is an automotive aftermarket solutions company that also does adviser training and marketing. Their biggest focus, though, is accelerating people’s success in the industry. Here, Bulmer and Chapman discuss the importance of business planning for small shop owners, and why there never really room for a “Plan B”.

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