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News   August 13, 2021   by Adam Malik

ASW Conversations: Connecting with customers through a robot

On the latest episode of ASW Conversations, our host and publisher Peter Bulmer goes behind the scenes of Martins Industries’ latest hire: Marty the Robot.

Lyssa Lajoie, marketing and social media coordinator at the tire equipment manufacturer, speaks to how Marty is fitting in as he begins his career as the company’s official tour guide. In an effort to help customers learn more about how their equipment is manufactured, Marty was brought in to offer a virtual glimpse into the day-to-day operations of the Quebec-based company.

“We all know during these trying times, it’s kind of hard to communicate and stay connected with our customers,” Lajoie says. “And our sales force not being able to visit their customers worldwide thought this would be a great solution to keep in touch with them.”

Marty provides a live look at the office — no video recordings, she adds.

You can tune into the conversation by clicking the banner above or through this link.


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