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News   September 13, 2022   by Adam Malik

ASW Conversations: Behind the curtain of EV sales


Consumer demand for electric vehicles is high — and at a level ahead of schedule thanks in part to spiking gasoline prices.

An already-strained supply chain wasn’t ready to handle the demand and is struggling to keep pace.

But improvements can be made, according to Wouter Witvoet, co-founder and CEO of the Toronto-based EV Technology Group.

A key issue is many companies try to take on the challenges on their own, using their own set ways. So you have multiple players doing things in multiple ways.

“I think where a lot of improvements can be made is just around the standardization on components of battery cells,” Witvoet tells host Peter Bulmer in the latest episode of ASW Conversations. “There will be some winners in this phase, like we’ve always seen when sort of a new industry comes up. I think that’s where we will see real improvements between the various different options that are available in the market.”

Listen in as Witovet shares his impressions on what is needed in Canada along the EV adoption process, the impact of EVs on sustainability, what could impede goals, and more.

Tune into the episode by clicking the banner above or through this link.



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