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Online Learning: The changing face of training

By Allan Janssen California-based technical trainer Mike Cleary was all set to come to Vancouver for a Powerstroke Diesel class in the last week of March. The technical class had been scheduled for months, and a good turnout was expected.

Acquiring know-how in the virtual world

In the third of a series of articles sponsored by Chevron, reporter Jacob Stoller looks at the technology used to power realistic gaming environments… and when it might be coming to the automotive repair shop. By Jacob Stoller Picture this

We’re on the cusp of an EV boom, analysts agree

Challenge will fall to repairers to understand the different drivetrain technologies.

Monkey business

There’s a whole generation of young managers that are increasingly frustrated. Here’s why.

TALKING TECH: Cleaning up the diesel

A good understanding of exhaust aftertreatment systems, and the right tools and information are critical to addressing any diesel issues.

Coming technologies that could change your business

Part 6 of 7 in an exclusive new series.

DATA and ACCESS: The key threats of connected cars

Part 4 of 7 in an exclusive new series.

Does hydrogen have a future in the auto world?

Part 3 of 7 in an exclusive new series.

Electric power is a game changer in the heavy duty market

Part 2 of 7 in an exclusive new series.

Why the fuel pump is evolving

The brushless electronically commutated fuel pump is more efficient, produces lower emissions, and tends to last longer. No wonder it has found its way into the fuel tanks of the vehicles we’re now servicing!

Knowledge Centre: Parking assist

Part 6 of 7 in an exclusive series

Knowledge Centre: Back-up Cameras

Part 5 of 7 in an exclusive series

The future of our trade

Saskatoon hosts Canada’s national showcase for the skilled trades, designed to impress young people and fill tomorrow’s automotive repair bays.

The oil imperative

Oil-change intervals may be increasing, but engines have never been more reliant on a steady supply of the correct specification of motor oil to ensure efficient operation and long life.

Tomorrow’s training

With the growing popularity of webinars is online training ready for prime time?

The Forum’s open… come on in!

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