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Schrader Preformance Sensors presents TPMS FAQS with W!

Schrader Preformance Sensors

Why is it important to change the service pack every time the tire is removed from the wheel?

Harsh road conditions such as salt, sand, dirt and road grime may cause valve cores and aluminum stems to corrode, causing potential air leaks. Time and environmental elements could cause rubber stems to crack, also causing slow air leaks. Changing the service pack is a simple, inexpensive way to help ensure that your TPMS services are compliant and may decrease comebacks.

Why isn’t there a “one size fits all” generic service pack?

OE manufacturers have unique valve designs to fit their own specific models and brands. It is important that the correct service kit is used for the particular make, model and year of the vehicle. Attaching the wrong service kit can cause an improper fit or the nut may not completely seal, causing slow air leaks.

Are all valve caps created equal?

No, only sealing valve caps should be used on tire valves. Sealing valve caps contain a small grommet attached to the inside of the cap, keeping salt, sand, dirt and road grime from entering into the valve core and causing corrosion and slow air leaks. Vanity caps are not recommended for use, such as skull caps, chrome plated plastic caps, dice caps, etc. Valve caps that are a dissimilar metal to the valve stem may cause corrosion issues.