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Timing chains
October 3, 2019 by Renee Montague

Cloyes Gear and Products recently expanded its automotive replacement parts catalogue and increased vehicles-in-operation coverage by more than 20 million in the United States and Canada through the addition of 44 part numbers. The part numbers are available for a

Product Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Brake booster
October 2, 2019 by Allan Janssen

ATE’s OE quality replacement Brake Boosters are designed to deliver a powerful braking force, with peak performance across the board. Built for dependability and long service life, ATE Brake Boosters feature high-quality materials, meticulous workmanship, and a sophisticated design that

Product Chassis and Suspension

Cadillac Air Springs
October 2, 2019 by Allan Janssen

Arnott has introduced a new rear aftermarket air spring for the 2013-2019 Cadillac XTS (Epsilon II) with Automatic Level Control and with or without All Wheel Drive. Arnott’s new rear air spring, A-3233, for the 2013-2019 Cadillac XTS features a

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Parts lookup
October 1, 2019 by Allan Janssen

Mitchell 1 has added the ability to search its ProDemand repair information software using an OEM part number, further expanding the search functionality in the 1Search Plus module of ProDemand. Service writers and technicians now have the option to start

Product Tools & EquipmentWheels & Tires

Swing-arm tire changer
October 1, 2019 by Allan Janssen

The new John Bean T2545T Swing Arm Tire Changer features a compact design for handling passenger cars, light trucks and high-performance wheel and tire assemblies. It features a locking mount/demount head offset, which offers maximum cosmetic safety for expensive wheels,

Product Shop EquipmentTools & Equipment

Borescope camera
September 29, 2019 by Allan Janssen

Actron has announced a new Wi-Fi Borescope Camera that gives users the ability to view and playback photos and videos from vehicle inspection with the download of an app on their smart device. The CP7670 Actron Borescope Camera is compatible

Product Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Brake pads
September 28, 2019 by Allan Janssen

Continental’s ATE brand of brake pads now offers product that is specially formulated to original equipment friction specifications and quality-built and tested to meet or exceed manufacturers standards. ATE Original Disc Brake Pads deliver maximum braking power instantly without fade,

Product Climate Control

AC line repair
September 27, 2019 by Allan Janssen

Dorman has released a new AC line repair kit, part # 801-700. It allows technicians to repair or replace damaged sections of AC line without having to remove the whole line from the vehicle. The time-saving kit includes a range

Product Visibility

Windshield washer pumps
September 26, 2019 by Allan Janssen

Continental now offers the first OE replacement pumps available to the market. A wide range of competitively priced SKUs offers coverage for Audi, BMW, Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, and Volvo. Unlike some universal aftermarket designs, which do not perform

Product Oil & Filters

Synthetic oil
September 25, 2019 by Allan Janssen

Hot Shot’s Secret now provides a full synthetic 15W-40 engine oil in their Green Diamond Fleet line of diesel oils. Recommended for most diesel applications, the 100% purely synthetic engine oil is infused with Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 Nano Technology

Product Ignition, Charging & Starting

Spark Plug
September 24, 2019 by Allan Janssen

Bosch expanded its spark plug product line with 28 new SKUs to provide extended coverage to more than 23 million Asian, domestic and European VIO. The new SKUs feature the latest in double iridium pin-to-pin, double iridium, iridium, double platinum,

Product Oil & Filters

Cabin air filters
September 23, 2019 by Allan Janssen

Bosch High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Premium Cabin Air Filters are designed to clean the air that enters a vehicle through the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems – trapping fumes, pollen, dust and pollutants, and preventing them from