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Product Repair Information

Lifting point quick link
May 27, 2020 by Allan Janssen

The latest software release of ProDemand auto repair information from Mitchell 1 includes a new Quick Link for tire information and lifting points that combines essential information to help technicians work safely and efficiently. “ProDemand has made proper vehicle lifting

Product Fuel Systems

Fuel Pumps
May 26, 2020 by Allan Janssen

Four new SKUs have been added to the Bosch Fuel Pumps product line, extending coverage to more than 2.8 million late-model Asian vehicles, including 2009-2014 Honda Pilot, 2010-2014 Lexus RX350, 2013-2014 Toyota Avalon and more. The fuel pumps are designed

Product Fuel Systems

Fuel pumps
May 25, 2020 by Allan Janssen

  Transit has partnered with Agility Auto Parts, a U.S.-based automotive product developer, to make high-quality fuel pumps, module assemblies, and fuel tank straps for the Canadian market. Transit president Stephan Guay said he added Agility products to the Transit

Product Accessories

Lock-and-key catalogue
May 22, 2020 by Allan Janssen

Bolt Lock has published a new, full-color, 20-page catalogue incorporating all of the company’s latest truck and towing accessories along with fitment applications for 2020 model year vehicles. The convenient security of Bolt Lock’s one key lock operation uses the

Product Shop Software & Computers

Management software update
May 22, 2020 by Allan Janssen

VL Communications has released a new update of its AB Magic software for auto repair shop management. The company says the new update – 2020.018 – is part of a mandate to constantly innovate and develop ever more effective tools

Product Brakes, Steering & Suspension

European brake coverage
May 21, 2020 by Allan Janssen

Raybestos has expanded its Element3 and R-Line brake pad offerings by adding over 75 new part numbers with a specific focus on European applications, according to Kristin Grons, marketing manager for Brake Parts Inc LLC (BPI). “The new part numbers

Product Chassis and Suspension

Suspension air compressor
May 20, 2020 by Allan Janssen

A new Dorman OE FIX suspension air compressor improves on the original design with upgraded seals to prevent moisture intrusion, an aluminum piston in place of plastic, and upgraded internal windings with greater thermal capacity. Upgraded replacement – this air

Product Wheels & Tires

Wheel end bearing assemblies
May 19, 2020 by Allan Janssen

NTN, the parent company of BCA Bearings, has announced the release of 13 new product SKUs. The new products are part of BCA’s wheel end bearing assemblies and bearings product offerings and provide later model import to the line. “We

Product Chassis and Suspension

Electronic dampers
May 18, 2020 by Allan Janssen

With around 28 million units produced, the CDC system is one of the most widely used electronic chassis systems for passenger cars. In order to provide workshops with the best possible support for maintenance work on vehicles with CDC dampers,

Product Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Friction box design
May 15, 2020 by Allan Janssen

ZF Aftermarket has opted for simple packaging to emphasize the importance of the part that’s inside the box, not the box itself. ZF Aftermarket launched TRW Ultra and TRW Pro friction lines late last year with clean line packaging, going

Product Tools & Equipment

Multipurpose engine tool
May 14, 2020 by Allan Janssen

  The new Mueller-Kueps Uni Puller Set (XS No. 650 500) provides a multiple ways to remove bushings, seals, sleeves, bearings, bearing races, pressed-in studs and more. The company says there’s no other kit like it currently on the market. Included

Product Shop Software & Computers

Automatic texting
May 13, 2020 by Allan Janssen

  Hunter has launched a program to automatically text inspection results to customers. The integration with Kimoby solves a problem for busy shops where advisors may not always present inspection findings to customers, causing under-informed customers and missed service opportunities.