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Product Cooling System

Air conditioning condenser
June 26, 2020 by Allan Janssen

Installed in an exposed position at the vehicle front, air conditioning condensers are at greater risk of damage. This is far more than just a comfort issue, because a reliably functioning air conditioning system is essential, especially for hybrid or

Product Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Cadillac brakes
June 25, 2020 by Allan Janssen

NRS Brakes has expanded its line of premium galvanized brake pads for the Cadillac Escalade. The new addition to the NRS Brake line-up covers the 2020 Escalade as well as the 2020 Tahoe. That represents approximately 154,000 vehicles in production

Product Brakes, Steering & Suspension

BMW brake pads
June 19, 2020 by Allan Janssen

  With new galvanized brake pads designed for the best in BMW driving dynamics, NRS Brakes has expanded its line of premium pads to include the 2020 BMW M240i, a sporty and smaller alternative that is part of the luxury

Product Engine ManagementSensors

Mass airflow sensors
June 12, 2020 by Allan Janssen

  Blue Streak Electronics says its new Mass Airflow Sensor lineup incorporates the CERAMIC PCB’s to provide the very best product with the added enhancements: Resistors are digitally calibrated for optimal precision Superior thermal stability under even the most extreme

Product Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Premium disc brake pads
June 11, 2020 by Allan Janssen

Akebono Brake Corporation has expanded its ProACT Ultra-Premium Disc Brake Pad line by four part numbers.  Premium 301 stainless steel abutment hardware is included in the three kits that require it. A complete listing of Akebono applications for these parts

Product Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Brakes for electric vehicles/hybrids
June 9, 2020 by Allan Janssen

  NRS Brakes has designed pads specifically for electric/hybrid vehicle technology. According to NRS Brakes, vehicles with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) demand higher quality of all parts, especially safety items such as brakes. As moisture creeps through the porous nature

Product Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Hydraulic Brake Parts
June 9, 2020 by Allan Janssen

Continental now offers a high quality line of ATE hydraulic brake parts designed to fit perfectly, and precisely match the safety and reliability requirements of modern brake systems in today’s vehicle. Incorporating the same brake technology that Continental delivers to

Product Clutch and transmissionDriveline

Automatic Transmission Service Kits
June 9, 2020 by Allan Janssen

CRP Automotive now offers Rein Automotive Automatic Transmission Service Kits for a wide range of European models equipped with ZF 6HP series transmissions. The new service kits include all of the parts and components needed for proper transmission service including

Product Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Nissan commercial van brakes
June 5, 2020 by Allan Janssen

NRS Brakes has just released its updated galvanized brake pad kit for the 2020 line of Nissan NV commercial cargo vans. With applications for the NV1500, NV200, NV2500 and NV3500 the complete line of cargo hauling vehicles and passenger vans

Product Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Tesla brakes
June 4, 2020 by Allan Janssen

NRS Brakes has specifically designed pads for Electric/Hybrid vehicle technology. According to the company, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) vehicles demand higher quality of all parts, especially safety items such as brakes. As moisture creeps through the porous nature of the

Product Engine parts

Timing chain/water pump kit
June 3, 2020 by Allan Janssen

Cloyes has expanded its Timing Chain Water Pump Kit product line with the launch of three Nissan, Infiniti, and Suzuki application kits With focus on increased coverage and continued service to its customers, Cloyes has announced the expansion of its timing

Product Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Toyota Brakes
June 2, 2020 by Allan Janssen

  NRS Brakes has announced the availability of its premium, galvanized brakes pads for the 2020 Toyota Supra. Like all NRS Brakes the 2020 NRS Brakes Supra kit includes best-in-class friction, advanced noise cancelling piston cushions and shims, patented SHARKMetal