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  April 22, 2014   by CARS Magazine

Programmable Sensor Add-on Package for Snap-on TPMS3

The Snap-on TPMS3 Tire Sensor System Tool just got a whole lot better with the introduction of the Snap-on Programmable Sensor Add-on Package (TPMS3PRG). With this new capability, service technicians can program replacement or duplicate aftermarket tire pressure monitoring sensors, saving time and reducing sensor inventory. The new Snap-on TPMS3PRG is an optional activation that allows users to utilize their existing TPMS3 tool to program aftermarket TPMS programmable sensors. The TPMS3PRG can replace a sensor with low battery life or one that is non-functioning, as well as create a duplicate set of sensors for customers that change from summer to winter sets of tires. The TPMS3PRG works with all the major aftermarket sensors including: EZ-sensor, Alligator, Dorman DiRECT-FIT, Standard Clone-able, NAPA Echlin Clone-able, Intermotor Clone-able and OEC ID Copy (Orange). The Snap-on TPMS3PRG kit consists of a registration certificate containing a web TPM code which allows access to sensor programming functionality and a 2GB micro SD storage card. The kit requires TPMS3 software version CS2-02 or newer. TPMS3PRG is a one-time activation to program aftermarket TPM sensors and subsequent updates to TPMS3PRG are part of the standard TPMS3U annual update.